Directeur(trice) des achats - plomberie



Our client is a family-owned and family-operated plumbing service company in the Greater Montreal Area.

Specializing in commercial, residential, industrial and institutional plumbing, heating and natural gas needs. Included repairs, renovations, riser replacements, drain work (unblocking, camera, smoke tests), water meter installation certified (certified for backflow preventer installation and verification), boiler room rebuilds, domestic and heating systems rebuild, etc.


As Product Manager you will be managing the pricing and cost estimations of the projects by working with Outside Sales, Project managers, Project Quotations, Purchasing, and Operations within the resources and parameters provided by the suppliers.

As Product Manager you will also be responsible to lead this team and ensure that its integrated into the company’s structure. In the absence of other resources being available it is expected the Product Manager complete day to day tasks to meet inside and outside customer expectations.

The Product Manger position is largely an office position and as such the bulk of time will be spent in the office.


Under the management of the office Manager, the duties and responsibilities of the Product Manager will include, but are not limited to, the following:

Functional Responsibilities

·        Establish and implement sell prices/margins on residential, commercial and industrial products for individual customers and/or groups of customers;

·        Work closely with vendors in a fair and open way to position the company as a preferred partner (better than normal margins, preferential delivery dates, sharing of leads) within their strategy;

·        Perform regular follow up on delivery dates as well as returns and communicate such information among the required departments;

·        Produce Customer Quotations;

·        Work cooperatively with team members, management peers, Company’s Executive, and all other employees;

·        Collaborate with warehouse Manager on mix of products being offered and inventoried keeping in mind the Return on Investment for the Company;

·        Continually explore new opportunities with the segment;

·        Provide technical support and cooperatively work with the stakeholders;

·        Develop relationships with customers that positions the company as their first choice for collaboration.

Supervision Responsibilities

·        Develop and supervise a team of 2 to 3 persons;

·        Work with team members to ensure career and personal development and hold one-on-one meetings when required;

·        Demonstrate managerial effectiveness in the following;

·        Consistently demonstrates a level of commitment and sacrifice expected of a Manager;

·        Exceeds expectations documented by Executive;

·        Continually upgrade his skills/education if deemed necessary by the industry and the Executive;

·        Bring forward new ideas that will increase the profitability (cost benefit analysis) of the business;

·        Successfully solve problems independently (with limited input from Executive);

·        Being productive, efficient and very detailed oriented in cost controlling;

·        Supervising the overall condition of the shop.




  • Experience with and superior knowledge of Allpriser;
  • Demonstrated business acumen and the ability to manage multiple priorities in a deadline driven fast paced environment;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Established history of demonstrating the ability to pay attention to details;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills;
  • Presentation and organizational skills;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Adobe Acrobat and Internet Information Gathering/Research;
  • Demonstrated analytical, organizational, planning and team building skills;
  • Customer centric - Obsessive about providing excellent customer service;
  • 5 to 10 years of experience in pricing, purchasing and market research;
  • Experience in B2B and B2C.



Marc Sarhaddi – Vice President Business Development and Sr. Recruitment advisor






Please note only candidates being considered will be contacted.



  • Directeur(trice) technique


  • Date de parution 2020-06-19
  • Salaire offert À discuter
  • Type de contrat Permanent
  • Lieu Grand Montréal, Lachine
  • Fonction Directeur(trice) technique